Company History

....It was on June 3, 1926, a meeting was called forth by the local citizens to organize a volunteer Fire Company to be called The Berrien City Volunteer Fire Company #1 Inc. At this time there was no fire engine in service, the necessary funding for its purchase along with the much needed equipment had begun. As the year continued on so did the progression of the Fire Company, as a charter was submitted to the state and the fire company became known as the Princeton Junction Volunteer Fire Company #1, Inc. On September 20th 1927, the first fire engine for the company was ordered for $3,900. It was a Foamite Chemical Truck on a 1-1/2 ton Reo chassis. This first engine spent time in many different housing situations until the construction of the Alexander road building which was erected in 1931.

.....During the time of the Great Depression, the progress of the company was slowed. To help matters along the company started Bingo in June of 1938. The records maintain numerous barn and field fires during this time highlighted by a grand total of calls hitting only 35 in 1941 while our nation prepared for war. During the war years, a First Aid and Civil Defense Station was maintained at the Alexander road  Fire House. During this period the women of the community were often called upon to man the engines in the event of a fire in the town. In March of 1943 with all the men away at war, the economy low, the Bingo suspended, the Township helped out by defraying some of the operating costs.

.....December of 1944 was a big year for the Fire Company. The "specs" for the first post-war engine were drawn up. The engine was to be a 1945 Mack, 500 gpm pumper. This truck, still in working order,  was given to East Windsor Township in 1969 to help them with the start of their own Fire Company. In 1975 it was returned to the Princeton Junction Fire Company where it was retired from service after 30 years of faithful service. As the community grew, the building was expanded to help accommodate two engines and the original engine bay was converted into what is now the kitchen area. As the company grew so did it's financial needs. In December 1948, along with the already existing Bingo and the annual carnival, the first annual fund drive was incepted.

.....In the 50's the Fire Company fielded the little league baseball team. They also sponsored an Explorer Troop of the Boy Scouts. The 60's were a rather big decade. It saw uninterrupted growth in the community as well as the Fire Company. Two more bays were added to the Fire House and three pieces of equipment were purchased. In the 70's the women began to volunteer to drive the fire engines and assist at the fires. In the 80's there was more growth along with the need to provide better fire fighting techniques. This was done, and still is done, by attending the State Fire School classes in New Jersey as well as other states. Today we are still a fully functioning Volunteer Fire Company, providing many services to the community.

.....On October 13, 2002 the company dedicated the new fire station on Clarksville Road.  This facility, built with funds from both the fire company and the township, houses all of the apparatus plus a specialized truck operated by the township's Emergency Services Division.  The new station also serves as the quarters for one of the county's Paramedic units.

             The Princeton Junction Volunteer Fire Company is physically located at 245 Clarksville Road, adjacent to the municipal complex.  This facility opened in October 2002, replacing the original headquarters at 952 Alexander Road, and is strictly an operating fire station with no social facilities for events.  The building houses the seven response vehicles assigned to the fire company and the Special Operations unit assigned to the Township’s Division of Emergency Services.  The fire station is also quarters for one of the Mercer County Paramedic Units operated by Capital Health Systems.  A training room, offices, communications room and support areas are also part of this facility.  Members of the public are always welcome to tour our facility and to learn more about the fire company and its mission.  Of course, volunteer members are always needed to continue the record of service, which began in 1926.

             Two volunteer fire companies provide fire protection in West Windsor Township, the Princeton Junction Fire Company and the West Windsor Volunteer Fire Company located on South Mill Road in the Dutch Neck village.  The township is divided into two “command jurisdictions” by local ordinance with Princeton Junction responsible for the Eastern portion and West Windsor for the Western area of the township.  (see “CODE BOOK” at the following Township Web address: , search for “Fire Division”, then select Chapter 4.)  Both companies are simultaneously dispatched for incidents in buildings, such as reported fires, smoke conditions, activated fire alarm systems, etc.  Single fire company responses are made to other incidents such as vehicle and brush fires, activated carbon monoxide alarms, dewatering assignments, among others.  The two volunteer fire companies are supplemented during weekday hours by the career staff of the Township’s Division of Emergency Services.  Both companies participate in mutual aid agreements with local jurisdictions to ensure adequate resources are available in time of emergency.

             Princeton Junction Fire Company welcomes the opportunity to provide a demonstration of the apparatus and the firefighters’ protective clothing and equipment to the younger members of our community and frequently visits the local childcare centers and nursery schools for this purpose.  The fire company also permits use of the apparatus bay area for birthday parties, and provides fire safety instruction and materials to the attendees.  A fire station and apparatus tour is always a memorable part of the birthday party, and is enjoyed by child and adult alike.