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Protecting You & Your Family

The Princeton Junction Fire Company provides membership opportunities in various categories, both firefighting and non-firefighting.  The current staffing list below describes the staffing capability for response to emergency calls. 

Structural Firefighters are those who are certified as a New Jersey Firefighter I or higher, are current with all State-mandated training, and are qualified to wear self-contained breathing apparatus and engage in interior structural firefighting in accordance with State and Federal Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.  

Driver/Operators are those individuals who are certified as Firefighter I or higher, are trained and “qualified” to drive and operate all of the apparatus assigned to the Company, but are not presently certified as Structural Firefighters. 

A Firefighter Trainee is a new member who has not yet completed training as a New Jersey Firefighter I and who is undergoing the 120+ hour training, and must both successfully complete the training curriculum as well as pass the New Jersey State Firefighter I Examination.  

Junior Firefighters are young people between the age of 16 and 18 who have expressed an interest in providing community service, learn about firefighting, and eventually progress to a senior firefighting position. The duties of our Junior Firefighters are strictly regulated by New Jersey Statute as well as Fire Company Rules and Regulations.  They are not permitted to engage in actual firefighting, but may participate in supervised training.  Many of our former Junior Firefighters represent our current Structural Firefighter staffing, and some have moved on to career positions in the fire service.

Princeton Junction Line Fire Officers are required to be currently certified as Structural Firefighters and must also be qualified on all apparatus and equipment operated by the Company.  In accordance with New Jersey State Regulations, all line fire officers are required to be State certified at  “Incident Management, Level I”. Four of our line officers exceed that level of training and certification.  Officer candidates must progress through the ranks in order to achieve a position of higher authority.  

Serving West Windsor Township Since 1926


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